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PVDF and PP shade-type modules


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MBR (Membrane Bioreactor)
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       As a new method for wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a combination of membrane separation and biotechnology. Activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction basin are rejected by membrane, so secondary sedimentation tank is saved. Further, the concentration of activated sludge is increased and the function of bioreactor is enhanced. Therefore, compared to traditional biotechnology used in wastewater treatment, MBR is a more promising method. After many years of research, Hangzhou Hongquan Company have developed PP and PVDF hollow fiber membrane shade-type modules for MBR.
MBR technical characteristics:
The concentration of activated sludge is increased 2-3 times and biological efficiency is improved 20-40%;
Compact structure and small occupied area;
Short hydraulic retention time, long sludge retention time and high  removal efficiency of NH3-N;
Secondary sedimentation tank is saved;
Long sludge discharge period;
Easy-operating and highly automatic system.
Reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane for MBR
As a newly developed product, reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane has following characteristics:
1) Excellent oxidation resistance
The oxidation resistance ability of PVDF is more ten times than the ability of PES and PS.
2) High strength
The membrane strength is greatly increased through compositing a reinforcing material, making it applicable to a worse environment and higher-strength cleaning condition.
3) Good hydrophilicity
Modified PVDF hollow fiber membrane has a good hydrophilcity which give it improved anti-fouling ability and long-time life.
4) High flux and filtration precision
The initial pure water flux of reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane is 700~1200 L/(), while the filtration precision is 0.03~0.05μm.
5) Long-time life
The service life of reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane is up to 5~8 years.
Application areas:
Treatment and reuse in sewage
Treatment and reuse in municipal wastewater
Wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical and chemical industry
Treatment and reuse in food wastewater
Treatment and reuse in hospital wastewater
Treatment and reuse in printing and dyeing wastewater
Treatment and reuse in electroplating wastewater;
Garbage leachate treatment